Color-Pro Tools

We were approached by HP to generate a simple web application that would provide HP partners an easy to use tool, providing them with all kinds of technical information about the different types of media and papers to use for the right job. The interface had to be clean and simple something that would allow the user to find the information fast.

Mobile Screens

The biggest challenge when creating this tool, was not to overwhelm the user with too many technical questions while allowing them to find the information needed fast. Through fast wire framing we were able to determine that sliders would work a lot better for one of the sections, as well that the results would need to be displayed at all time, with the ability to expand on these if necessary.

HP Mobile App in Use

HP Indigo Campaign

We created this landing page as the main asset for the digital media campaign promoting HPs’ Indigo Digital printers. The main focus of the landing page was to show off the cutting edge technology and unlimited possibilities that these printers can provide. The design and aesthetics for the campaign needed to stay on par with the product, while telling the clear story of how HP Indigo printers could take your business to a whole new other level.

HP Indigo Printers Campaign
HP Indigo Landing page on tablet
HP Landing page, Mobile views


Rabinovici & Associattes


Product Prototype
UI Design
Creative Direction