Website Design

We were approached by Trianz, a global professional Services Company focusing on providing digital evolution services to help them tell their story in a more cohesive and modern way. By using a single line illustration system, throughout the whole site we aimed to highlight the simplicity and ease of working with Trianz, to bring all kinds of businesses up to date in the digital media.

Trianz home design
trianz business solutions
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In order to differentiate the solutions highlighted throughout the site, we generated an iconography system based on the concept of one line connecting all the parts.

trianz analytics page
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Responsive Design

The whole website had to work on all kinds of devices. Taking a mobile first approach we made sure the site was fully functional from mobile phones to desktop computers.

Print Styleguide

Once the new brand style was fully defined on the website, we continued to develop a structure, color hierarchy and image usage template that could be carried throughout in several kinds of printed materials.

trianz print spread
trianz print spread
trianz print spread
trianz print spread
trianz print spread
trianz print spread


Rabinovici & Associates


Visual Identity
Website Redesign
Illustration & Iconography System