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Education Hub

The main purpose of this microsite was to show educators and other decission makers inside the Universities, of the possibilities and advantages of welcoming Wacom products in their classrooms. The clean and crisp design allows the user to go straight to the point, while getting a glimpse of the creativity sparked by current professionals and fellow educators using Wacom.

Wacom Education Hub Site Architecture


One of the challenges when developing the site architecture was defining the right amount of information and content necessary to show educators the benefits of working with Wacom, without becoming overwhelming. The resources section also helps this goal by providing fast and easy access to a wide collection of supporting materials.

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Product Centric
Landing Pages

Both of these Landing pages were created as part of a marketing campaign in Latin America. Each of them focuses on a different Wacom Product, displaying the main features, and allowing the user to easily find a retail provider for Wacom products.

Product Specific Landing Pages


Rabinovici & Associattes


Product Prototype
UI Design
Creative Direction