Product Design

I was approached by social media influencer workoutheart, to develop a video fitness mobile application where her followers would be able to find different workout videos and if they decided to do so they could have the option to track the progress of the different workouts.

It was fundamental to create an intuitive interface, that didn’t overwhelm the user at first and that allowed them to reach to the desired video workout in a fast and uncomplicated way.

Smart phone floating on air.


After a quick round of wireframing, and looking at other fitness apps currently in the market, we determined the best approach would be to focus on two main user flows. The users following a fitness program tailored to their goals, and the other users that will browse sporadically for new workout routines.

Log in Screen
Welcome screen
Workout Video Screen
My plan Screen
Workout Main screen
Browse by muscle screen
Plan questionnaire screen
app being used at the gym




Product Prototype
UI Design
Creative Direction