Scanner Selector Tool

Fill out a short series of questions through this interactive tool and discover how upgrading to the Zebra warehousing solutions can take your business to the next level.

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Mobile Screens Zebra Scanner Selector

Recent research shows that smartphones are now the primary device for accessing the internet & this tendency has definitely translated to B2B customers. It was imperative that this tool worked on mobile devices. We kept the UI clean and straight to the point, this minimalist style allows for an easy and fast experience even on mobile phones.

Supplies Training Platform

We were approached by zebra to generate a supplies training platform in order to assist their sales team. the challenge was finding the best way of organizing all kinds of training content (videos, ebooks, links) and presenting it to the user without making them feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. The site allows them to navigate at their own pace and conveniently tracks the links and content already reviewed.


Supplies Training Platform
Zebra SuppliesTraining platform

TC8000 Landing Page

The TC8000 scanner is all about productivity! This landing page showcases how the new and improved ergonomics and interface allows workers to obtain a 14% increase in the amount of work they get done.


Print Collateral

Produced several kinds of brochures and marketing collateral supporting a wide variety of products from the Zebra Technologies portfolio, and the marketing campaigns tied to each of these.

Zebra infographic Retail
Zebra infographic Manufacturing
Zebra Infographic Transportation & Logistics

Wave 2 AP Storyboarding

Created this storyboard in order to showcase Zebras Access points and the technological advantages that these have over any other access points in the market.


Rabinovici & Associates


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Landing Pages
Printed Collateral
Video Storyboards


2015 – Present